Through the efforts and continuous development more than 20 years, B.N.C always keeps “Business Continuity” in mind. Whether in market development, organization management, employee welfare, or social responsibility, B.N.C always follows the company’s philosophy of “Business Continuity, Continuous Development”. This drives us to look for new challenges and will help take B.N.C into a new era.

As business and manufacturing requires speed and efficiency, prompt customer service is necessity for an enterprise to survive. B.N.C fully realized only through superior internal management and the concept of customer priority will make our company be able provide and comprehensive service. To do so, B.N.C not only strengthens internal management, but also provides training for all department to offer most efficient services for our customer.

Customers worldwide have recognized the outstanding performance and quality of B.N.C automatic controller systems. In addition, B.N.C continuously develops higher levels of machinery using the latest technology. We have made tremendous efforts and invested many resources in Research & Development. Through the continuous education of the R & D staff, our design capability is progressively upgraded. Based on the customer priority concept, we also carefully listen to customers’ suggestions. This has allowed B.N.C automatic controller systems to fully meet customers’ requirements.

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